My journey in telling stories through photography began in the school library in the mid-1970s.

Tucked away on one of the shelves was the small collection of hardback books which make up the Life Library of Photography series. These groundbreaking books explained how photography works and contained iconic examples of the different kinds of photography.

They captivated me and inspired me to take up photography seriously. Soon after, I got my first SLR camera, a Cosina CT1, and began taking, processing and printing black and white photos.

I’ve been a passionate photographer since, taking photos for publication since the early 1980s.

Since then I’ve gone from taking news pictures of everyone from The Queen to Queen the rock band and spent 10 years running the picture desk of The Sunday Post newspaper. I now focus on PR, business marketing and event photography for SMEs in Scotland, mainly in Tayside, Angus, Fife and Perthshire.

To see examples of my work, view this video. To see more, follow the links below to the relevant albums of my Flickr account.


For a quote, contact me by email with the details of what you require, when and for what output use.


As well as shooting stills for clients, I can also shoot video to supply to media as well as for use on clients’ social media channels.

Below are some examples. Go to my YouTube channel here to see more.

Alan S. Morrison has been taking photos for publication since the early 1980s

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