Man with camera pointing lens to left

Lady Mone’s commissioned video report about the PPE Medpro UK PPE supply case is a good example of the importance of framing in Public Relations.

Framing in storytelling is about what, out of all the facts, you choose to include in your story. Like zooming in on a tree in a landscape.

It’s also, by definition, as much about what you choose to leave out in order to tell the story you want – towards influencing the audience/s of the communication to taking the action you seek in order to achieve the Business and Communication Objectives you’ve set for the communication.

Whatever story you tell, and how you frame it, the things you claim and how you’ve framed them need to be credible with your audience/s for the communication to be successful in the terms you’ve set.

Whatever Lady Mone’s Objectives are, we’ll see what results come of her commissioned communication in the fullness of time.

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