Why Me

ASM Media & PR brings Masters-level strategic marketing and whole lot more knowledge and business connections to your business as part of the service.

It’s the $64,000 question you obviously want an answer to – why choose me for your PR, photography, copywriting or content creation.

There are plenty of other people offering these services who can deliver what you need. So why choose me?

  • Strategic marketing approach – everything I do for clients is informed by the Masters-level strategic marketing knowledge I gained on my MBA with the Strategy and Marketing in a Complex World courses I passed with Merit (70-84%) as well as my experience using them since 2011.
    So, if you want photos taken, my request for a brief will include questions about what marketing messages you want to communicate about your brand, not just what’s to be shot. The benefit to you is work which delivers not just what you asked for operationally but which also helps your brand at the tactical and strategic levels.
  • Knowledge – my background includes two Masters Degrees (one an MBA including courses on Marketing, Strategy, Financial Strategy and Creativity, Innovation and Change), 23 years as a journalist and as a PR professional and marketer since 2011, CIPR-qualified with its Professional PR Certificate.
    These, plus the ongoing CIPR CPD which earned me MCIPR Accredited Practitioner status and the many business books and magazines I’ve read since 1999, have given me a vast and wide-ranging knowledge of ideas and facts which could be useful to your business and which you get access to as a client. It could include that one thing to help you take your business to the next level. Often it will be free tips and links to relevant places to find out more yourself. If it would require a fair bit of my time I can provide a quote to help you in-depth in chargeable time.
  • My ‘extra mile’ commitment to delivering excellent results and quality – everyone says that. Look at what my clients say for proof that I really do go ‘the extra mile’ and carry out my work with an obsessive passion for quality as standard. For me, it’s about pride in always delivering excellence and building long-term relationships.
  • My network – As of March 2022 I have 1,948 LinkedIn Connections across the globe…and growing! Many are high-ranking, influential people in their sector. I maintain a good relationship with them all, so that officially makes me a super-connector. I’ve spent my entire career since 1988 building strong relationships with a large contacts book of good people around the world (not all of them on LinkedIn) who are experts at what they do and can be called on to help with all kinds of projects. Or just to recommend who you should get a crucial product or service from, or advice on some specialist issue you have. My clients get free access to my network as part of the relationship and I’m more than happy to make introductions where they will be helpful.My clients also get free shares of their content on my social media channels as part of the relationship. See how many followers I have on Twitter, where some of my posts get tens of thousands of Views.
  • My market intelligence system – thanks to my personal and professional networks, the networking I do and the daily emails I receive keeping me up-to-date on a range of fields, I’m aware of the latest news in a variety of areas as well as projects yet to go public. My ‘radar’ picks up a lot and my clients get free access to that information as part of the service I provide. It may include that crucial thing you need to know to make a big difference in your business.

If you’re interested in finding out how I can help your business, contact me today.