My journey in storytelling started at school with an essay assignment to write about my life.

It got a high mark and, combined with the results of a careers assessment of my abilities which showed I was good at writing, brought encouragement that I could make a career from writing. Spurred by that, I set myself the goal of becoming a journalist. Nine years later I had achieved that after graduating from Britain’s top journalism school.

I’ve been a professional writer – first a journalist and editor, then a PR practitioner – since 1988, so finding the right words to tell your story is something I have a lot of experience of doing. I’ve written everything from news and features to advertorial and technical features for B2B titles as well as scores of press releases.

So you can be sure your story is being told using the most effective words to communicate your key marketing messages.

If you’d like to see examples of copywriting I’ve done for clients, contact me by email. Meantime, check out my blog.