Alan S. Morrison has been a professional writer since 1988

Alan S. Morrison

MBA (Open), MA (Hons),
CIPR Professional PR Certificate,
MCIPR Accredited PR Practitioner,
PGDip. Journalism.

Effective communication helps you achieve your goals.

I can help you do that by influencing your key stakeholders’ behaviour and opinions about you with public relations and content as part of your strategic and tactical marketing.

I have a strong track record of helping SMEs and other organisations achieve their goals by delivering best practice Public Relations which drives desired behaviour change in target audiences. See the Case Studies on the PR Page.

I can also shoot eye-catching images and video and use the right words – to help execute your communications strategy and achieve your goals and Objectives.

I do all this with a passionate ‘extra-mile’ commitment to maximising the outcomes for your organisation. See Praise from my clients for proof.

Explore the pages here to see examples of my work.

Then contact me to find out out how I can help you achieve your goals.