Public relations is about proactively managing the relationships with your key stakeholders so they will help or let you achieve your organisation’s goals.

Best practice professional public relations is about building a positive relationship with them through direct and indirect means of stakeholder management such as media relations and community outreach so you can influence behaviour change aligned with your objectives.

What can Public Relations do for your business?

  • Influence behaviour change among your key stakeholders – internal as well as external
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase business
  • Boost your reputation and trust
  • Boost morale

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A photo-journalist and editor for almost 23 years, I moved from gamekeeper to poacher in August 2011 and since 2012 have been providing Public Relations services to award-winning SMEs based in Tayside and Fife as well as some pro bono work.

The marketing campaign I devised for St Andrews Business Club was a Finalist in the 2019 Fife Business Awards.

CIPR-qualified with the CIPR Professional PR Certificate, I’m an Accredited PR Practitioner Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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See below examples of past client campaigns and read some of the many testimonials I’ve received as a result.

Case Studies

Scaramanga Big 5 Movies Summer 2023 Campaign

Scaramanga Big 5 Movies 2023 PR campaign results.

Foodmek 50th Birthday PR campaign

Scaramanga Paddington 2 PR campaign

Angus 3D Solutions 2022 Growth Plan Campaign

We Are Zest Summer 2022 campaign


For the most recent client campaigns, go to the Photo Gallery on my Facebook Business Page.


Media relations: No-one knows the media better than a former member of the media corps and I have both broadcast and print experience.

I can plan, execute and evaluate a campaign to give you the best opportunity of getting the positive media coverage you’re after to reach and influence the behaviour change you seek in your target audiences – whether your goal is to boost your profile or position you as a thought leader in your market. See my highlights video for the results I’ve got for clients and why they recommend me.

Event PR: Not sure how to use the media to promote your event or get the right photos from your event or exhibition? I can do both at a fraction of the cost of hiring both a PR and a photographer.

Crisis PR: When something goes horribly wrong involving your business, your reputation is on the line. I can help you plan for the worst and manage the crisis if it happens so your hard-won reputation and brand aren’t destroyed. Done right, they can be improved!

Reputation management: A good reputation is essential to gain the trust you need to do do business. It’s hard won and easily lost. I can help you manage your reputation so perception of you and your organisation helps you ahcieve your goals.

Stakeholder management: What do the people crucial to the success of your organisation think about it? I can help you manage and improve those relationships.

Internal communications: You can’t succeed without the backing of your internal stakeholders. Communicating effectively with them is crucial.

Media training: Want to come across well on radio, TV or in your corporate videos? I can help you avoid the pitfalls and get your messages across with one-to-one media training.