Strathie Sharks and Club President Bob Baldie get a close encounter with The Calcutta Cup.

A planned fundraising family fun day at Strathmore RFC in Forfar on Saturday was made extra special when The Calcutta Cup paid a visit for the first time.

Played for annually between Scotland and England since 1879 after its creation from silver rupees on the demise the Calcutta Football Club, the 18-inch tall cup paid a visit to the club’s Inchmacoble Park ground in Forfar to celebrate Scotland winning it for the first time in 10 years and share the pride of the achievement.

Players and families were able to have their photos taken with it during the 90 minutes it spent there before heading off to its next visit booked by clubs and schools.

The rest of the afternoon saw people of all ages enjoy games of ‘Tartan Touch’ rugby, which the club has seen more than 100 people play this season, many first-timers.

Katie McIntosh (10), from Forfar, who was attending her fourth session, said: “I like it because it keeps me active.” Her friend, 10-year-old Neeve Anderson, from Forfar, gave up gymnastics to attend. She explained: “It’s fun. I like it better than gymnastics because it’s outside.” Her mum, Kim Roger, said:” It’s great to get them out meeting people and have different age groups involved.”

Edie Craig (6), from Justinhaugh, takes on Jim Rowan, from Kirriemuir, at ‘Kerbie’ at the Strathmore RFC Family Fun Day.


Visitors also had a go at ‘Kerbie’ – the classic street game involving catching a ball bounced off a kerb – in an event branded by the club as the first official World Championship. The eventual winner was Caelan Milne.

A barbecue and bar were also enjoyed by the crowds who came, took part and raised funds for the club. Some barbecue customers got their burger free by finding and redeeming one of several rugby balls hidden around Angus by the club with a ‘voucher’ message written on them.

Speaking about the Tartan Touch season, Strathmore RFC Development Manager Nick Welsh said: “This SRU initiative has been brilliant in introducing rugby as a fun, family event for all to get fitter. With participants aged from 6-60+, seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces at the end of each session has been the best part.”

Strathmore RFC President Bob Baldie said: “We were delighted to be able to host the Calcutta Cup for the first time. To do so on a club fun day allows the younger players to see this iconic trophy in person.

”For most of our Junior Section , the Strathie Sharks, this will be the first time they’ve had the opportunity to hold this historic and hard-fought-for cup. It will hopefully inspire them to continue in their rugby career and, who knows, one or more of the 120 kids who play for the Sharks may end up playing for the trophy in the colours of their country one day.”

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