Circular sponge cake on a white plate with white icing on top dripping down the sides and halved strawberries on top.

Public Relations isn’t just icing for your cake.

Many business owners and organisation leaders view Public Relations as a luxury – a non-essential option that’s nice to have if you have some money spare.

Which is why they don’t invest in it regularly .

It’s just icing on the cake, they think. Shouting about your good news when you have it, but only an extra on top of your own ‘free’ communication channels such as social media, emails and websites (which are technically public relations tools as PR is more than just Media Relations).


But they’re wrong – because the many benefits of regular public relations help you grow the ‘cake’, not just decorate it, because it will, among other things:

  • Help you reach new potential customers and stakeholders and get their attention, interest and hopefully create desire to engage with you
  • Use the third-party endorsement of media coverage to enhance your reputation – them choosing to talk about you is more credible than you talking about you
  • Help you manage your existing stakeholder relationships in a structured way focused on achieving your core Objectives
  • Generate more engagement on your Owned channels
  • Help you achieve the Impacts (results) you’ve targeted

So public relations isn’t icing on the cake. It’s a raising agent which helps you grow your cake.

But don’t try using just public relations instead of yeast or egg yolks if you’re in the Bake Off tent and you really want a ‘Hollywood handshake.’

Contact me to find out how Public Relations can help you grow the size of your cake.